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Add quick-start aura sets for each class tree

Power Auras can be daunting at the beginning. Add in a small set of pre-defined auras that suit each class spec, this will help get people going.

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    AdminSmacker (Admin, Power Auras) shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Brett Bazaar commented  · 

        My suggestion for prot warriors;

        Something that proces when you have more than 60 rage so you know that you can dump rage with either Cleave or Heroic Strike.

      • Relevart commented  · 

        I can whip up some boomkin ones. However, with the implementation of power auras in game, you may want to wait and see what happens.

      • Devo commented  · 

        hmm id sugest just a simple example for people to learn what to do rather then spoon feeding them . i mean you can come to this site after all an i can see alot of people saying why dosent this paladin aura work for my hunter ( teach a man to fish he will eat forever give him caned fish an he will ask for a can opener)

      • derevka commented  · 

        Well considering Cata coming, I'll phrase it that way:
        Priest: (general)
        -Inner Fire/Inner Will not up
        Priest Disc:
        Power Infusion off CD
        Penance off CD
        POM off CD
        COH off CD
        POM off CD
        Chakra (NYI) - Off CD, and which state is up

      • Kehet commented  · 

        Death knight - frost fever, blood plague on target
        * Blood - rune tap, mark of blood, hysteria, dancing rune weapon usable
        * Frost - lichborne, deathchill, unbreakable armor usable
        * Unholy - anti-magic zone, bone shield usable (not on), ghoul frenzy usable (not on) on pet, summon gargoyle usable

        Druid - innervate usable, druidbuff on
        * Balance - lunar/solar eclipse, insect swarm and moonfire on target, low mana
        * Feral Combat - rip, rake, mangle on target and savage roar + predator's swiftness on druid
        * Restoration - rebirth and nature’s swiftness usable, low mana

        Hunter - hunter's mark on target, non dragonhawk (hawk on low levels) aspect on, killshot usable, low mana
        * Beast Mastery - bestial wrath usable
        * Marksmanship - chimera shot usable, serpent sting on target and trueshot aura active
        * Survival - lock and load active, black arrow and serpent sting on target

        Mage - mirror images usable, intbuff and shield on, low mana
        * Arcane - missile barrage on, focus magic on
        * Fire - living bomb on target, combustion usable
        * Frost - fingers of frost, brainfreeze on, any chill on target

        Paladin - aura or seal on, half and full bubble usable
        * Holy - aura mastery and divine favor usable, beacon of light on some1, low mana
        * Protection - fury on, avenger's shield usable
        * Retribution - divine storm usable

        Priest - inner fire, priestbuffs on, shadow fiend usable, prayers usable, low mana
        * Discipline - pw:s, pain suppression, power infusion, penance usable
        * Holy - guardian spirit, desperate prayer usable
        * Shadow - sw:d usable and devouring plague, sw:p, vampiric touch on target

        Rogue - tricks of the trade usable
        * Assassination - cold blood usable, slice and dice, hunger for blood on
        * Combat - blade furry, adrenaline rush, killing spree usable
        * Subtlety - ghostly strike, preparation usable, premeditation, shadowstep, shadow dance usable and hemorrhage on target

        Shaman - shield on, enchant on weapon
        * Elemental - elemental mastery, thunderstorm usable
        * Enhancement - lava lash, shamanistic rage usable and maelstrom weapon on
        * Restoration - tidal force, nature's swiftness, mana tide totem usable, tidal force on and earth shield on some1

        Warlock - shield on, ss on some1, demon out, enchant on weapon, life tap glyph efect on
        * Affliction - nightfall on
        * Demonology - soul link on, demonic empowerment, fel domination and metamorphosis usable
        * Destruction - immolate on target, chaos bolt, conflagrate usable

        Warrior - shout on
        * Arms - bladestorm, execute, overpower usable, rend on target
        * Fury - bloodthirst, whirwind, execute avaitable, instant slam
        * Protection - shield block, shield slam, revenge usable, vigilance on some1

        ......... or something like that

      • alienangel commented  · 

        If you do do this, please make it as separate modules we can choose not to load, or at least .LUA files we can delete from the addon's directory - I don't want a bunch of pre-set auras present when I start up a character, even if they're all disabled by default.

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